Maryland RV Park!

I needed to shower and do laundry, and with Thanksgiving / Black Friday I was skeptical about parking overnight at Walmart. So I decided to cough up the dough and spend a night at an rv park in Abingdom, MD. I figured that in addition to the amenities it would make for a good blog entry, as I'd never been to an RV park before.

Here's a curiosity: the dump system. I watched some guy back up his monstrous Class-A and cautiously link his black tank to this little hole in the ground. It didn't take long to empty. Then he packed it up and drove off.

This RV park advertises that it's anti-activity. I guess other RV parks have big dinners and parties and whatnot. You're on your own at this place. Still, there was this pool for warmer weather, as well as numerous little docks, benches, and the "Wilderness Trail".

Below is the van in my space. For once, the van was the smallest vehicle around. Everybody else had enormous trailers or Class-As (enormous by my standards, at least).

It was $46 for that space. Since I couldn't use the hook-ups, that's a rip-off. I asked the desk if I could get a discount for not using the hook-ups. No, they said, but there is a 5% discount for paying cash. This was a nice park and the owners seemed like nice people, and I don't blame them in particular; all RV park rates, across the board, suck. It's what drives people into Walmart parking lots. If you're the owner of an RV park, why not just have a crappy overflow lot, $5 - $10 a night, for folks who can't afford / don't want hook-ups?

It WAS, however, glorious to take a warm shower, shave, and do my laundry.

The park also featured wireless internet. But since I arrived on Thanksgiving, the office was closed, and I couldn't find out the password. I asked another camper and he gave me a password which was completely wrong. Oh well.

Each site had a firepit. My Thanksgiving dinner consisted of 4 grilled veggie burgers and 3 beers, eaten while I watched Lord of the Rings on my laptop. Then I finished the movie and ran out of propane for my Coleman lantern. It got very dark in the van.

A little bit later in the night, the family in the next site over started building an enormous chimney fire. It was 5' tall. I guess they saw me staring at it enviously because they invited me over for beer and steamed oysters. It was a good Thanksgiving.

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