It's over.

That photo could have been from exactly 1-year ago. Instead, it's from this morning. The van is empty and for sale. I'm living in an apartment in Portland. And the adventure is over.

I think once (if) I sell the van, I'll do a more involved entry about what motivated me to call it quits. For now, I just wanted throw this message up as a quick and somewhat bittersweet update.

What will become of this site? I don't know. I presently have no plans for it.

Thanks for reading,



Nomad said...

If you have no further plans for this blog, I hope you will at least leave it up in it's current form.

There is some good stuff here, which would be valuable for others to read when they stumble across it.

MsBelinda said...

I will miss your adventures but I agree with Nomad, there is some good information on your blog for a person that is considering the van dwelling lifestyle.

Best of luck in your future endeavors. Maybe you could start a blog of your new life in Portland.

Lucht Siuil said...

If its for sale I wonder how much? Send me an email with the details! (That is if you're still selling.)