I spent the past few holidays weeks at a farm belonging to a close family friend in Georgia. I didn't have cell phone reception, much less internet access, hence the lack of blog entries. The picture above is of Ollie the llama, who I fed grains to each day. Ollie, as well as a female llama, were adopted by the farm owners after they were mauled by dogs at their original home. Everyone believed Ollie had been castrated by the dogs, but after the attack he still managed to impregnate the female llama. To quote Dr. Ian Malcom of Jurassic Park, "Life finds a way."

ABOVE: Another interesting character at the farm. A nameless donkey isolated from the other animals after supposedly trampling to death a calf he was charged with protecting. The farmhands universally agreed that this donkey is "mean". He was prone to appearing out of nowhere and staring you down from the edge of the fence.

ABOVE: There were also these "Angus" cows. They were very noisy.

ABOVE: Part of my stay in Georgia involved a return trip to the Smoky Mountains with co-pilot Jora Johnson. It was cool and rainy down in the campgrounds, but at the top of the mountains it was bitterly cold and frozen over, as shown in the photograph.

ABOVE: Me at some sort of dam as we first entered the Smokys.

Right now I'm in Nashville. It's 43 degrees and raining, and the van windshield is leaking in 3 places. I'm sick of this chilly, southern-wintern rain. I'm going to where it's warm.

Tomorrow I'm going to do an entry about some of the modifications I've done to the van.

PS: In response to the comment/question posted on my last entry about internet access: I take my laptop computer into Starbucks. Most Starbucks have Wifi and if you register a Starbucks gift-card with their website, they let you access it. It's not free but it's close to it. Thanks for reading!


Ray Taylor said...

The whole story can be found here

james ragsdale said...

hey i just read you whole blog, and i think what u did was amazing bro, dont know if u rmr me from HS, james ragsdale, but anyway, fuckin awsome photos and it looks like u had a awesome time, props to you