Guadalupe NP and Oliver Lee SP

I don't have much time to do this entry, so it's going to be brief...

ABOVE: Parked beside a rare Sportsmobile van from Alaska.

ABOVE: I hiked up Mount Guadalupe, the highest peak in Texas at around 8700 feet. It was a very fun hike. Strenuous, but consistently spectacular. I left at sunrise and was back before noon.

ABOVE: The USPS pyramid monument atop Guadalupe.

ABOVE: I sat for a little while on the peak, in the shelter of rocks to duck the wind.

ABOVE: I continued north into New Mexico and stayed at Oliver Lee State Park. I had a great parking spot right against the mountains.

ABOVE: The Charcoal chimney doing its thing...

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MsBelinda said...

You look a little cold. After hearing you rave about your charcoal chimney, I am considering getting one as I am a little apprehensive about using a propane stove.