Construction 1

The walls have been paneled with thin plywood. The smaller box covers the tire and is a small storage space (see pics at bottom of post). The larger box contains the chemical toilet; the top lifts off and there is a small window to check the volume gauge.

Covering up the ugly pattern of holes, curves, and wires running the length of the van required some creativity. I bought 2 lengths of 10 foot vinyl drip guard normally used on house rooves. These were screwed to the van and curved to hide the wiring. On the underside I attached ferring straps to conceal some of the ugly handywork as well as to create a surface for hooks. The top of it has become a lightweight shelf.

The shelf over the cab is now a gear loft. Twin posts, screwed into the van, provide the anchors for a mesh screen.

Above is the open storage space built around the tire well.

And above is the book shelf using the rear space. I leveled a sheet of thin plywood to form the floor of it and ran a ferring strap along the bottom for support. The "fancy" railing is actually part of a baby crib I picked up in the garbage awhile ago. The railing is buttressed on both ends by pine plywood.

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