Construction 2

Self Portrait: me very proud of how the kitchen unit turned out.

On the left are the basin and pump faucet. Next, the cutting board and propane stove. The countertop is butcher block spruce. It won't be as food-friendly or durable as maple, but was far more affordable. The cabinets are 3/4 plywood.

The thin cabinet holds a plastic storage tower that will keep toiletries and cleaning supplies.

Next over is the 2-tier shelf. On the top is a tub of kitchenware. On the bottom will be a tub of food supplies.

This is the space under the sink. It's not rigged up yet. The red tank will receive gray water from the sink. The white tank holds fresh water and will be connected to the pressurized pump faucet. The white tank is fed by the portal on the side, as seen in the next photo.


Visionquest said...

Looks great man! I have been checking to see if you were making progress, glad to see your update! Excellent job!


Ellen Gapz said...

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