Conversion: Part 3/4

I'm putting up a series of posts with pics of the conversion, organized by areas of the van.
Note: Clicking on the pics will load up a significantly larger version... if you have a slow connection, don't do it.

Conversion: Part 3/4

View from behind. Bike rack, frosted windows... and racing stripes.

Frosted window panels for privacy.

Box on the left is the toilet. On the right is the bed and the crawlspace underneath it.

Plastic drawers hold my clothes. In the far corner is the cooler which slides out. In the near corner is my Weber grill inside a plastic tub for washing.

There is a crawlspace under the bed where I keep my bicycle stuff, cables, tools, extra cooler, charcoal, and art supplies.


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carol said...

Justin, I loved your "view of the world" with your eye for an interesting photo. Hope the Narrangasset beer continues its magical properties. Keep the photos coming. Mom