Conversion: Part 2/4

I've divided the pictures of the final conversion into 4 posts.

Note: Clicking on the pics will load up a significantly larger version... if you have a slow connection, don't do it.

Conversion: 2/4: The Kitchen

Here you can see the opened propane stove, sink, and towel rack. The unit mounted below the towel rack is a barometer/thermometer panel from a boat.

The top cabinet is for kitchenware. I've driven 300 miles with this set-up, highway and city, and surprisingly nothing moves around or bangs too much.

The cabinet below that holds a tub of disorganized food.

This plastic shelf unit holds cleaning products, toiletries, and some kitchen odds/ends.

The view under the sink. On the left, the sink drain feeds directly into a water jug. The gray fitting between the jug and the white pipe is flexible. On the right is the fresh-water tank. That straight-looking hose connects to a water inlet on the counter (see the next pic). The curly hose connects to the pump faucet. Over all, the sink is only useful for dumping and for washing. The pump faucet is too slow to actually fill anything unless you want to heave at it for 5 minutes.

While driving, the stove is bungeed tight to the counter. I never keep the propane connected except when cooking.

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